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Computer Professionals Program
Master's in Computer Science, Specialization

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June 2021
October 2021

MSCS Degree Specialization

The Department of Computer Science offers specialization in IT Managers to students enrolled in the Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) program. In order to qualify for the certificate, the student need to complete at least three specialization courses

The IT Managers Specialization courses include the following:

IT Managers:
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • SAP: Enterprise Business Analytics
  • Management and Organization

Course Choices

All Specialization Students must complete three or four courses by Distance Education. Please indicate the Distance Education courses that you wish to take. You must take at least one course every semester.
Distance Education Courses
June 2021 Specialization starting date:October 2021 Specialization starting date:
June 2021 (June 21, 2021)
Systems Analysis and Design
October 2021 (October 11, 2021)
Leadership and Teamwork
February 2022 (February 07, 2022)
SAP: Enterprise Business Analytics
June 2022 (June 20, 2022)
Management and Organization
  1. Why do you want to take the Specialization courses after completing the Master's degree requirements? (Explain why you feel that these courses will be helpful as an addition to your Master's degree courses)
  2. Which area of specialization do you want to take? Explain how this area of specialization would enhance your knowledge.

I agree to the following points regarding the Master's in Computer Science,
     Specialization Option

  1. The candidate must pay for at least one of the specialization courses before his or her I-20 is extended. The specialization tuition cannot be added to the Compro bank loan and the new I-20 for the new Program will not be issued until either the full payment or first installment payment is received.

  2. Students can withdraw from the courses of Specialization program only at the end of one course or at most 2 weeks in to the next course. If a student withdraws after the 2-week deadline of the next course, they will still be charged the full tuition for that course. However, once you withdraw from the Specialization program, then the student's I-20 will be terminated immediately. The charge for each specialization course is $3,000.

  3. Health insurance is not included in the program costs.

  4. In order to remain on the Specialization option, students must maintain a 3.0 or B grade in these additional courses. Any lower grade could result in immediate dismissal from the Specialization option, and therefore termination of CPT and their I-20.

  5. Note: Anyone that applies for the specialization program with their first course in June 2021 will be grandfathered with the $2,500 tuition per course, but anyone with their first course in October 2021 or later, will be charged $3,000 per course. Please note that the new tuition is effective as from August 2021.

   By signing in the form, I hereby certified that I have carefully read the entire agreement and agree
   to all provisions.

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